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  The meetings take the form of open discussion on antique arms and accessories brought along by members from their collections. These meetings are mutually beneficial and educational. Visitors are most welcome.  
  Sydney Monthly Meetings  TOPICS FOR 2018  
     JANUARY    Australiana, or just all things Australian - made in, marketed in or simply well used in.  
     FEBRUARY    The Japanese Samurai Sword, with guest speaker.  
     MARCH    Arms and equipment from the American / Mexican wars - American War of                    Independence - American Civil War.  

   The 100th anniversary of Villers Brettaneaux - we will have a PowerPoint                       presentation of the battle details. Also a secondary topic of antique Police and Gaols       firearms.


   Society yearly AGM + our annual BUY SELL & SWAP meeting.


   Double topic: 1. small bore firearms, long and short of the late 19th early 20th               centuries and   2. accessories, accoutrements, tools, etc


   Flintlocks of all types and associated items


   - The Martini rifle development 

   - Boer War firearms


   - Rifles of Alexander Henry

   - The Boxer Rebellion

     OCTOBER    Firearms and accessories and other weapons from Scotland and Ireland  

   Three-way night

  1. Buy Sell Swap event
  2. Bring along your favourite collection item and TALK about it
  3. End of season members SUPPER
     DECEMBER    No meeting will be held due to the date falling too close to Christmas day.  



Country chapters have also been set up to provide meetings for those living remote to the Sydney area. Please follow this link for details of who to contact in these Country Chapters.

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