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  The meetings take the form of open discussion on antique arms and accessories brought along by members from their collections. These meetings are mutually beneficial and educational. Visitors are most welcome.  
  Sydney Monthly Meetings  TOPICS FOR 2021  

    JANUARY                2nd Feb-21

  Please note the January 26th meeting has been moved to February 2nd due to                  Australia Day clash. Topic is: Early Australian Police, Goods and                              Bushranging equipment.


   FEBRUARY              23rd Feb-21

  Two parts:

  1. Lawrence of Arabia and memorabilia
  2. Islamic, middle eastern and Asian weapons

    MARCH                   30th Mar-21

   Late 19th century British pistols / handguns – Tranter, Webley, etc

   From percussion revolvers through to the early 1900s 

      APRIL                       27th Apr-21
  • Weapons of the Boer War
  • Weapons and artifacts from the American Civil War
      MAY                         25th May-21

  Large bore hunting and sporting rifles including classics made for the Indian royalty along with all associated firearms such as Howdahs 

      JUNE                        29th Jun-21

  “Meeting cancelled due to Club Covid problems”

     JULY   Your society’s 2021 AGM with supper to follow

  Also a topic of Colts, Remingtons, Winchesters and all other memorability of the American Wild West era.

     AUGUST   “Meeting cancelled due to Club Covid problems”
     SEPTEMBER   “Meeting cancelled due to Club Covid problems”

   Although the majority of us are out of lockdown, due to the many restrictions placed on Club premises currently, it is not possible to conduct our meeting in          October.



30th Nov-21

   After discussions with the Canada Bay Club our next Meeting will be on                  November 30th. There will be a "Show & Tell" for all to take part in, with "Wild West weapons" being the main, but not the only topic. The AGM will need to be held followed by the end of year supper. Looking forward to seeing everyone again,

    Harvey Facer & the Committee.
     DECEMBER   No meeting will be held due to the date falling too close to Christmas day.  


Country chapters have also been set up to provide meetings for those living remote to the Sydney area. Please follow this link for details of who to contact in these Country Chapters.

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