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The following links will take you to other websites which might be of use to you as a collector of antique arms. (Simply click on the logos or the links to go the respective websites.)


Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW)

This site includes information about how to obtain a firearms licence and other firearms related sports and activities you might like to be involved in.



QLD Guild  

Arms Collectors Guild of Queensland

This website is provided by the Arms Collectors Guild of Queensland as a resource to assist Members and the Public with information relating to study of military history and the collection and use of associated arms.

  NSW Police Firearms Registry  

NSW Police Firearms Registry

This website includes information about how to obtain a firearms licence and other matters relating to firearms legislation.

  Power House  

Powerhouse Museum

This website is for the Powerhouse Museum with which the Antique Arms Collectors Society of Australia is affiliated.

  GCCA logo  

Golden City Collectors Association

The Association is a recognised collecting organisation and, as such, has a Chief Commissioner's approval for its members to collect firearms (with appropriate licence), imitation firearms, swords, daggers and other variants of edged weapons.


Hermann Historica

This is the site for the auctioneers Hermann Historica in Munich, Germany.

  Hermann Historica  

Thomas Del Mar Ltd

in asscociation with Sotheby's

Members who supply their email address to the Auction House will receive advice as to upcoming Auctions.

  Thomas Del Mar Ltd  


Southern Cross Antique Arms

We’ve also got several 18th and 19th century British Cannon on beautifully restored carriages.


Southern Cross Antique Arms logo

David Roberge's interest in antique arms is to ensure that they have fine European swords, daggers and armour from the Middle ages to the 20th century as well as Australian Aboriginal hunting weapons, tools, fighting weapons and other collectibles. You’ll find Some African weapons as well under Ethnographics.