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  EVENTS - 2021 SHOW LIST   

The following Events are scheduled during 2021. Persons wishing to purchase any firearm that requires a licence from any arms fair in NSW should apply for a 'Permit to Acquire' at least six weeks before the fair. For reasons beyond the control of the organisers, some of the dates may be changed. It is advisable to check the show dates before travelling.

    6-7 Mar   Bathurst Arms Fair

 Bathurst Showgrounds Great Western Hwy (A32), Kendall Ave, Bathurst NSW

Table bookings Call Ross 02 4938 5849

    21-22 Aug   The Bendigo Arms & Collectables           Show    Bendigo Multi Sports Complex, 1-2 Waterson     Crt, Golden Square, Victoria  
    18 - 19 Sep         

  Hunter Valley Arms Fair 2021                and Militaria Collectables

   Maitland Basketball                                               10 Bent St, Maitland NSW 2320

  The following Auctions are scheduled during 2021. 
  24 April

   Australian Arms Auctions

   Hungarian Community Centre 760         Boronia Road, Wantirna VIC 3152

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  13 November

   Australian Arms Auctions 

   Hungarian Community Centre 760         Boronia Road, Wantirna VIC 3152

  18th April

   JB Militaria

   2/135 Russell Street, Morley, W.A.


JB Auction dates 2021  
  17th October

   JB Militaria

   2/135 Russell Street, Morley, W.A.




Australian Arms Auctions held their April Sale on the 24th of April, and it was a resounding success as the summary shows.

It appears the most expensive, historic, or well-known brands are not always the most attractive to Buyers with the highest number of bidders attracted to the spare parts to complete their cased sets etc being lots 589, 590 & 591, $1,100, $950 & $700, respectively. 

Followed up by Lot 25 FRENCH DUMONTHIER WALKING STICK GUN at $2,200, then Lot 517 CHICAGO FIREARMS, THE PROTECTOR PALM PISTOL at $3000 & finally Lot 144 the UNWIN & RODGERS S/B R/F KNIFE PISTOL: 25RF in lovely condition at $1,700.

The sporting firearms highlights were Lot 200 ENGLISH 1/2 STOCKED S/B FLINTLOCK ELEPHANT RIFLE by WRIGHT: C.1790 achieving $14000 on the day.  L.526 CASED CHARLES HELLIS & SONS SxS GAME GUN in 12G, $5,000.  Lot 24 WINCHESTER MOD.1200 RIOT PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN in 12G, $2,600.

Moving along to the Modern Military firearms L.366, 367 & 381 all Arisakas $4,000, $4,200 & $1,500, respectively. L.373 a scarce MAUSER CONVERSION OF WWI GEW 98 RIFLE TO 98B CONFIGURATION PRIOR TO WWII in 7.92 x 57 Cal $4400.  Lot 374 a scarce & late issued FINNISH MOSIN NAGANT MODEL 39 B/A SNIPER RIFLE: 7.62 x 53R Cal $4,800. Lot 421 AUSTRALIAN LITHGOW EXPERIMENTAL SHORTENED & LIGHTENED NO.1 RIFLE in 303 Cal, S/N XP60 in unissued condition with original documents $12,000. Lot 423 a very scarce, WINCHESTER P.14 MKI* WWI SNIPER RIFLE $8000. The Jungle carbines still holding their own values with strong interest.

The British Military, Colonial & Civil War items have been a bit thin on the ground in offerings & as always, certainly held our Buyers interest & their values with Lot 351 COLONIAL ISSUE MARTINI ENFIELD CAVALRY CARBINE MK. II in 303 Cal: $1600.  Lot 458 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL N.S.W. ISSUE MARTINI HENRY MKIII RIFLE, $1,800. Lot 459 VICTORIA GOVT ISSUE ENFIELD MKII MARTINI HENRY SERVICE RIFLE: 450 Cal; $2000.  Lot 640 BRITISH TOWER 1839 PERCUSSION MUSKET converted from a British Model 1835 flintlock musket $3,000. 

As always Colts strongly held their values & buyers’ interest with the icing in the cake for the days sales being Lot 188 SUPERB, MINTY CASED 1861 COLT NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 36 Cal $32,000:  followed by Lot 204 INDIAN GOLD DAMASCENED COLT MODEL 1855 REVOLVING SHOTGUN: in 10 bore $18,000.  Lot 223 COLT MODEL 1855 HALF STOCKED PERCUSSION REVOLVING CARBINE: 56 Cal $18,000.  L.187 CASED COLT 1860 ARMY THUER CONVERSION REVOLVER: 44 Cal; $15,000.  Lot 107 COLT S.A.A. C/F REVOLVER: 41CF $4200.  Lot 492 COLT 1911 S/A U.S.A. SERVICE PISTOL in 45 ACP; $6,000. Lot 599 COLT MODEL 1860 ARMY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .44ML; $3,600 & Lot 602 COLT PYTHON C/F REVOLVER: 357 Magnum $1,400

Antiques Lot 133 cased pair of JOSEPH MANTON FLINTLOCK HALF STOCKED DUELLING PISTOLS in 50 Cal: C.1800 $20,000. Another one of my favourites was Lot 135 an excellently cased pair of W.R. PAPE OF NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE S/B PERCUSSION GREAT COAT PISTOLS, C.1865  $12,000. Again, another favourite was L.154. SCOTTISH ALL STEEL FLINTLOCK BELT PISTOL by CAMPBELL EDINBURGH in 550 Cal & C.1790 $10,000.  L.162 WILSON LONDON MATCHED PAIR OF FULL STOCKED SILVER MOUNTED HOLSTER PISTOLS in 650 Cal $9,000




There was a lot of interest Australia wide in the recent JB Militaria's recent Auction. Some of the Highlights were:

1. Adolph Hitler's white metal Cigar/Cigarette Box brought an incredible $35,380 and his Ice Bucket went for just over $22,000. Other Hitler related and 3rd Reich items were eagerly sought after by WW II Collectors.

A 1st Pattern SS Dagger sold for $10,370, and a Hooked Quillon Pattern '07 Bayonet for $2,318.

A 1960's era L1A1 SLR Military Rifle went for $9,600 and an impressive set of War Medals to the Graystone family, including a Military Cross and Bar to Lt. Colonel W. Graystone sold for 24,000. Finally, a Waterloo Medal to Drummer Thomas Watson of the 71st Regiment, the Highland Light Infantry, sold for $3,800.

There were many other lots of medals, badges uniforms, helmets etc as well as some historic firearms, sword, and other weapons.

The next Auction Sale is to be held on October 17th and on-line and postal bidding is available. Full details will be available at

Items are for sale throughout the year on that website also


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